The Tourism Capital of Maharashtra seeks citizen cooperation to become a Smart City

The ambitious Smart Cities project of the Government of India envisions 100 sustainable, eco-friendly, technologically-advanced urban settlements that would provide citizens with a high standard of living, better governance, quality infrastructure, and uninterrupted utility and social services.

Information and communication technology, intelligent transport systems, centralised service controls, optimised energy management and effective emergency systems are some of the smart solutions that would be implemented in these cities.

Aurangabad is a worthy contender in the India Smart Cities Challenge - a social competition that will determine the cities that will be selected for development under the Smart Cities project. The contest invites local administrations, groups and citizens to envision their city of the future, identify areas of improvement and propose effective solutions to achieve their dream.


Based on your suggestions, we will create a common goal and vision for Aurangabad.


We will collate all your responses and compile a list of the main areas of improvement that will be focused on in the third phase.


The areas of improvement identified in the second phase will be examined and addressed through innovative and effective ideas and solutions suggested by citizens and group entities.

Our Focus Areas

and Office Spaces

Citizen-Empowered Local Administration and Governance

Essential Services-Water,
Electricity, Energy


Emergency Systems
and Helplines

and Security

and Connectivity

and Healthcare

and Sustainability

Employment, Business
and Economy

and Banking

and Social Networks

Recreation, Sports
and Entertainment

and Heritage


Established in 1610 and named after the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, the historical city of Aurangabad houses the Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves (UNESCO World Heritage Sites) and the famous Dakkhani Taj (Bibi Ka Maqbara), among many other tourist attractions. An ancient trade centre, now an emerging IT and manufacturing hub, this metro is an ideal candidate for the Smart Cities project. If selected, Aurangabad will receive substantial government funding in terms of finance and resources to realise some of the best and most effective ideas and solutions proposed by citizens and group entities. This would lead to a more modern and comfortable life in a better, safer, greener home for the city's residents.

My City & Me

We invite citizens to participate in this unique opportunity to transform Aurangabad into a model city of the future. Your vision and ideas could propel your city to the forefront in the race to become a Smart City. Let us conceptualise and collaborate to create the city of our dreams!

The first 20 cities to be developed as Smart Cities will be selected in January 2016. Over the next few months, we will collect input from individuals as well as civic, social, administrative, public and private entities on various aspects of Aurangabad.

This will help us craft practical solutions that can be implemented in Aurangabad as part of the Smart Cities mission, thus proposing a citizen-focused infrastructure and governance plan for the city.

My City

Be a visionary! Imagine the Aurangabad you would be proud to live in.

The objective of this community-based initiative is to motivate and mobilise citizens to create a sustainable and modern urban dwelling in line with their needs and goals. Think about the problems that you face in the city and the ways in which they could be resolved. Register now, and let your ideas become a reality!


Thank you for registering. In this phase, we aim to understand your goals and visions for Aurangabad and the issues faced by the common man.

How would you like to see the Aurangabad city in future ?

What are the 3 big issues you currently face in the city?


Now let's come together to identify the development opportunities and issues with public life in Aurangabad.

Campaign is now alive! Last date to give your inputs is DD/MM/2015 Your inputs will help us make Aurangabad a Smart City and improve the way we live.

Please click on the areas which you feel have issues and need to be improved.

In this phase, you are requested to contribute ideas and solutions to be implemented as part of the Smart Cities mission for Aurangabad.

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